ESD Workstation AES Premium "Robert" | Ergonomic ESD Table Top 1830 x 800 mm


ESD Workstation AES Premium "Robert" | Ergonomic ESD Table Top 1830 x 800 mm

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Modular ESD workstations, adjustable in height 1830 x 800 mm.
Ergonomic Shaped ESD Table Top.
Industrial modular ESD furniture.
See our prepared ready-made workstations, whose configurations provide for typical customer’s needs.
All our AES workstations and related products are supplied with an electrically semi-conducting coat of paint and we supply furnishings, seats and grounding components for ESD-protected workstations.
Our products meet the requirements specified in the IEC-61340-5-1 standard.

Modular ergonomic AES Premium workstations are part of our Industrial ESD furniture.
Anti static ESD work stations are designed to be adjusted in height, imposes a correct adjustment and positioning tools and equipment.
Workplace station, where all tools are within the user’s immediate reach.
Employees need to adjust their workstation to specific psychophysical characteristics to perform their duties in accordance with natural human movements.
AES Workstations create an optimal workplace area where the ESD work stations can be individually adjusted to provide an optimal height of table tops and shelves equipped with a set of essential accessories at your fingertips.
The employee becomes one in his work surroundings and perform his duties successfully.
Therefore, it is a priority to become one with his worksapce and incorporate a whole range of human psychophysical activities

Ergonomics = efficient and safe work

Main ideas of ergonomics refer to employee’s health (the elimination of occupational diseases), job satisfaction development and a maximal increase in productivity.
Modularity of Reeco furniture, a wide range of components and a variety of accessories enable an easy implementation of ergonomics in the workplace.

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243-RF-014-0900-9003 W
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( x 3 )
HS Code : 9403109800
( x 2 )
HS Code : 9403109800
( x 1 )
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( x 8 )
( x 12 )
HS Code : 8536901
( x 1 )
Worktable type
ESD Workbench
Max Load Capacity
600 Kg
Antistatic ESD Solutions Workbenches Furniture Catalog 2020
6.69 MB

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable.
However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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