Technical Workbench Comfort "Brussels" 1200 x 700 mm


Technical Workbench Comfort "Brussels" 1200 x 700 mm

HS Code : 94032080

475,00 € exc tax

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Technical Workbench Comfort "Brussels"
These technical workbenches have a height adjustment between 800 mm and 950 mm. The technical tables can handle a load capacity of 200 kg and have a temperature resistance of 300° C.

Includes the following parts:
* Workbench (SR-1X Comfort)
* Main Shelf (PO)
* Power Panel (EPL)

Technical Version (1200 x 700 mm)
Colour: RAL 7035
Type: SR 12-7

HS Code : 94032080
( x 1 )
217,00 € exc tax
HS Code : 94039010
( x 1 )
91,00 € exc tax
HS Code : 85366990
( x 1 )
186,00 € exc tax
Worktable type
Technical Workbench
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