ESD Earth Wire


ESD - Earth Wire, 2500 mm Long 2 press-studs 10/10 mm.

HS Code : 85444290

19,25 € exc tax

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Anti-Static, ESD safe, Earth wire with 1 Mohm safety resistor.
2500 mm long, with 2 press-studs 10/10 mm.
For connecting workbench pad and floor cover and connection to an earth potential.
Additionally insulated crocodile clip No. 9-353.

AES ESD Handtools Esd Safe Precision Tools Brochure Bernstein EN
AES ESD Handtools Esd Safe Precision Tools Brochure Bernstein Merged EN
AES ESD Spannfix Esd Safe Precision Tools Clamping Devices Brochure Bernstein EN

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
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