Office organisation ESD Rubbish Bin 40 Lt tapered with two grip openings. ESD Paper Waste Bin


Office Organisation Rubbish Bin 40 Lt

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Office organisation ESD safe Rubbish Waste Bin 40 Lt tapered with two grip openings.
ESD Office Organisation:
We offer ESD filing and ESD safe storage systems for the office in well-proven quality: durable and clearly thought-out products allow you to make even more effective use of your time in the office.
Reference catalog: p50.

• Blackline products offer ideal ESD protection

• ESD protection is particularly important where there are seasonal variations and low humidity.

• Attention is also increasingly being given to ESD protection in servicing and maintenance of vehicles, plant and machinery, especially in Central Europe BLACK LINE ESD Containers

• IEC 61340-5-ff-tested and certified • high impact strength, tested by drop-test 1.5 m/15 kg at –20°C and 2.5 m/15 kg at + 20°C

• Continuous operating temperature from –20 ° C to + 80 ° C

• Conductive execution, dissipative to 10⁴ ohms / cm³

• dissipative design, dissipative to 10⁶ Ohm / cm³

• short-term temperature stability to 120 ° C

• compressive stacking load up to 700kg for Euro-standard containers

• base loading from 15 to 65 kg

Office organisation
Rubbish Bin 40 Lt
530 mm
Outer Dimensions L x W x H
235 x 330 x 530 mm
Weight empty (grams)
1636 g
Number per pallet
Stock item
Black esd

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable. However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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