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ESD Trainings provided by AntiStatic-ESD Solutions are always interactive and haunting.

Our starting point is always to transfer our knowledge as efficiently and transparently as possible to our customers and not so much to prove our own ESD knowledge.

Ultimately, it is our customers who need to control static electricity, in their own environment, preventing latent ESD damage and ensuring the quality of their end product.

AES ESD trainings and ESD courses include: antistatic esd solutions

* History of ESD;
* Recognition of ESD;
* Theory of electrostatic charge;
* Acceptance / recognition of ESD;
* Methods to prevent damage by ESD;
* What is ESD and terms;
* ESDS sensitivity;
* The basic principles of the triboelectric charge;
* Basic knowledge of electrostatic discharge;
* Identification of sensitive devices (ESDS);
* The limits of ESD security measures;
* What are costs;
* What are discharges;
* ESD damage;
* ESD damage models;
* How do we prevent damage by ESD;
* ESD action plan or approach;
* Knowledge of ESD protective equipment and items;
* Special treatment procedures;
* ESD internal pre-audit checklist (ESD workplace surveys);
* Awareness of the technical report 61340-5-1;
* Use of new techniques & processes for implementation;
* Possible conflicts with safety requirements;
* Precautions high voltage, if necessary;
* Management test of ESD Awareness Training.


HS Code : Service

Visitors and employees must be made aware of your local ESD handling procedures. Personnel nee...

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