ESD Workstations Classic | ESD Furniture


CLASSIC Workstations, both Technical as ESD versions are simple workstations, functional and inexpensive. 

By a diverse range of accessories an extensive configuration can be made, suitable for all ergonomic working conditions.

All the ESD worktables distributed by AntiStatic ESD Solutions meet the ESD standards IEC 61340 or ANSI S2020 which is the foundation of ESD preventive protective work and a greater guarantee of quality assurance

Besides our Anti-Static conductive ESD Workstations we offer an extensive range of Antistatic ESD Chairs, Antistatic ESD Cleaning & Maintenance, Antistatic ESD Clothing, ESD Shoes ESD Footwear, Antistatic ESD Flooring & Antistatic ESD Table Mats, ESD Safe Packaging, ESD Personal Grounding Materials, Anti-Static ESD Protective Storage & Warehousing Systems EPA, ESD Storage Boxes, ESD Test & Measuring Equipment, ESD Trainings, ESD Support & ESD Audits.

All ESD workbenches fulfill the IEC 61340 standards

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