ESD Workstations Alliance Automatic | ESD Furniture


Automatic ESD Workstations Alliance are distinguished by elegant design, advanced ergonomics and motorized worktop adjustment system, performed by electric drive and simple control unit.
Alliance Automatic ESD & Technical workstations are supplied in a set with lower slat, perforated panel, main shelf, lighting and power panel. 
Alliance Automatic Technical & ESD workbenches allow additional units mounting.

All ESD workbenches fulfill the IEC 61340 standards

  • Possible automatic tabletop height adjustment limits (stroke length): 245 mm
  • Minimum tabletop height is determined by any particular working process requirements and can be set from 600 mm to 1600 mm above the floor
  • Automatic height adjustment speed: 3 mm per second - Load capacity: 150 kg

All the ESD worktables distributed by AntiStatic ESD Solutions meet the ESD standards IEC 61340 or ANSI S2020 which is the foundation of ESD preventive protective work and a greater guarantee of quality assurance

Besides our Anti-Static conductive ESD Workstations we offer an extensive range of Antistatic ESD Chairs, Antistatic ESD Cleaning & Maintenance, Antistatic ESD Clothing, ESD Shoes ESD Footwear, Antistatic ESD Flooring & Antistatic ESD Table Mats, ESD Safe Packaging, ESD Personal Grounding Materials, Anti-Static ESD Protective Storage & Warehousing Systems EPA, ESD Storage Boxes, ESD Test & Measuring Equipment, ESD Trainings, ESD Support & ESD Audits.

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