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ESD Chairs

ESD Chairs are Electrostatic Dissipative or Static Control Chairs made to divert static charge to earth
to reduce static charge generated by sitting and to discharge it safely through the floor grounds.
ESD chairs are necessary for working with electronic components. Static electricity also poses a lot of problems at the office.
Provided implementing a total concept, ESD Chair, conductive floor mat and a controlled connection to the earth a
re an ideal solution for administrative office spaces that suffer from static electricity.

All ESD Work Chairs & Seating are in complience with the IEC 61340 standards.

Suffering from static electricity in the office ESD Chairs on ESD floor mats solves many problems

Office ESD chairs

AES offers Basic ESD chairs, ESD Medical Care chairs, antistatic Dental chairs, ESD Industry / Laboratory Working chairs, ESD Cleanroom chairs, Stainless Steel Chairs, ESD chairs, ESD Sit stand Chairs, antistatic ESD Saddle Chairs, ESD Tabourets, ESD Stools, ESD Office chairs, ESD Footrests...

For clarity ESD Safe Conductive Chairs are NOT equal to "anti static chairs".  All ESD safe ESD chairs on our shop, comply 100% with the international ESD standard IEC / EN 61340.

When are ESD safe chairs needed?

Sitting on and standing up from a chair generates significant electric charges via the contacted surfaces of the chair – common values are 3000 … 5000 volt.

The ESD chair can be used as primary grounding system, the maximum resistance to the mass of the person on the chair and the ESD conductive flooring system does not amount more than 3.5 x 10^7 Ohm or electric charges should not reach more than 100 volt. 
Important: A permanent contact between all elements of the system including person, chair and ESD flooring surface has to be realized!

ESD Workstations are different.
There are flexible and fixed ESD-workstations.  

Our ESD chairs were developed by engineers specialized in ergonomic advice and workplace design.  Development and production takes place in own factories.  Industrial ESD Seatings can professionally be modified to suit your individual requirements, available in numerous designs, fabrics and colours.

ESD Workplaces can be personal or flexible and should be adjusted (Small, Average or Large) according to the posture of your ESD-employee, this in order to prevent getting your ESD staff suffer from back problems, muscle tension and thus operate less efficiently and even stay home sick.

Static Dissipative ESD Chairs are conforming to European Standard EN 61340-5-1:2001 and suitable for use in static controlled environments.  Our ESD chairs are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electrical and electronics industry. This range of conductive-chairs prevents the build up of static electricity by dissipating it directly to earth, making them highly safety focused.

HS Code : 94013010
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HS Code : 94013010
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HS Code : 94013010
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RS-KCZK4 - rs-kkesd
HS Code : 9401 61
RS-KCZK5 - rs-kcz-r6
HS Code : 9401 61
HS Code : 94013010
667,00 € exc tax
HS Code : 94013010
508,00 € exc tax
HS Code : 94013010
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