ESD Workstation AES Oscar | Adam Configuration 2000 x 900 mm | Control Room Consoles

ESD Workstation AES Oscar Configuration 2000 x 900 mm Knurr Vertiv Workstations Elicon Consoles
ESD Workstation AES Oscar Configuration 2000 x 900 mm Knurr Vertiv Workstations Elicon Consoles

ESD Workstation AES Oscar | Adam Configuration 2000 x 900 mm

HS Code : 9403 10 58

1.753,00 € exc tax
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Fixed Height ESD Workstations For Electronic Engineers

• Width: 2000 mm
• Height: 760 mm
• Depth: 900 mm
• Colour: Light Grey

HS Code : 9403 10 58
( x 2 )
324,00 € exc tax
HS Code : 9403 10 58
( x 1 )
1.105,00 € exc tax


Modular Construction
Simple link-up of the modules enables individual room planning.
Flexible Working Heights
Working heights optionally adjustable at 20 mm for ESD Workstations AES Osar increments
(can also be changed at any time) meet ergonomic requirements.
Cable Management
Spacious horizontal and vertical cable ducts are component parts of the basic equipment.
Convenient access to the cable duct from above through the desk and system super-structure sliding sections.
Cables are laid in the cable ducts using removable covers inside and outside on the side panels.
Cable troughs and crosspieces are equipped with a cap extrusion for easy mounting of socket strips and installation components.
Electricity is consequently provided to a large extent as "€customized"€.
Keyboards are placed user-friendly on the fully extendable keyboard extension with ergonomically inclined, strong and stable telescopic slide.


• ESD version for discharging electrostatic charges
• Working level designed as sliding top for convenient access to the horizontal cable duct
• The working level can be mounted at any height between two side panels and can be varied in the height at any time
• Worktop (30 mm) with ergonomically shaped front edge
• Spacious horizontal cable duct, can be accessed via sliding worktop and folding mechanism
• Cable duct with integrated C-rail for mounting installation components and mounting slot for general accessories

Material / Finish
• Crosspiece: extruded aluminium, antistatic, powder-coated texture
• Support arm: sheet steel, antistatic powder-coated texture
• Worktop: three layer particle board, FP / Y E1 version, fire protectionclass B2, volume conductive
• Worktop coating: high pressure plastic laminate
• Cable duct, horizontal: sheet steel, rolled, antistatic powder-coated texture

• Worktop: light-grey
• Metal parts: RAL 7035 light-grey

Load Rating
• 1500 N (static surface load)

• DIN 68761 for worktops
• EN 438 HGS class for high pressure plastic laminate
• EN 61340 for electrostatic

Supply Schedule
• 1 Worktop
• 1 Crosspiece
• 2 Desk stabilizers
• 1 Cable duct
• 1 Detailed mounting instructions
• Mounting material

How Supplied
• Preassembled modules


Connector / Closing Side Panels
• Vertical cable routing in the spacious cable duct
• Sheet steel cable duct covers with hinge function for easy cabling
• Mounted superstructures (rear), add-on levels, and other components
• Mounting option for additional foot stabilizer at the rear to increase stability with add-ons
• Preassembled lock strips for simple and secure work levels mounting (680-760 mm, increment 20 mm).
  Any work height can be set at any time simply by turning a screw.

Connector Side Panels
• Side panel with long stabilizer for working levels with depths 800/900/1000 mm
• Segmented cable duct cover on the outside and inside

Closing Side Panels
• Full-length cable duct cover on the outside
• Segmented cable duct cover on the inside

Material / Finish
• Extruded aluminum with die cast aluminum stabilizer and head piece, antistatic powder-coated texture
• Cable duct cover: Sheet steel, rolled, antistatic powder-coated texture

Colour Combination
• Metal parts: RAL 7035 light gray
• Design elements: RAL 5003 sapphire blue

How Supplied
• Preassembled modules

Workstation Category
ESD Workstations AES OSCAR
Workstation Type
ESD Workstation
Adjustable & Fixed Height
Fixed Height
Working Surface
Linear Worktop
2000 x 900 mm
Max Load Capacity
1500 N
AES Catalog Technical Furniture Elicon
7.77 MB
AES Catalog Technical Furniture Workstation
4.35 MB

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable.
However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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