ESD Workplace Chair NEON 2 | Multifunction Armrests | Permanent Contact | Duotec Fabric Black | Flex Strip Orange | Castors

ESD Workplace Chair NEON 2 Multifunction Armrests ESD Work Chair Permanent Contact Backrest Duotec ESD Fabric Black Flex Strip Orange Soft Castors Bimos Workplace Chairs Interstuhl

ESD Workplace Chair NEON 2 | Multifunction Armrests | Permanent Contact | Duotec Fabric Black | Flex Strip Orange | Castors

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Strong at ESD workplaces: When conductive work chairs are concerned with the highest optical requirements in combination with ergonomics and comfort, nobody can ignore the Neon ESD chair. Like all AES ESD models, this chair also far exceeds the standard. Partly thanks to the very pronounced design, this ESD chair combines the highest technical requirements with long-term seating pleasure.

* Permanent contact backrest
* Backrest height adjustment: 570 mm
* Seat height adjustment: 450 to 620 mm
* Seat depth adjustment: 420 to 480 mm
* Seat tilt adjustment
* Weight regulation
* Duotec ESD fabric
* Multifunction armrests ESD
* 5 Star base aluminium black
* Soft Castors ESD

Available models

[ Colour Seat Upholstery ]

New Generation Workchairs
Neon is probably the best workplace chair for ESD areas. Like all AES ESD chairs, it far exceeds the requirements of the ESD standard EN 61340-5-1. In addition to its outstanding key technical features, the ESD Neon has one characteristic that until now has not been found in the ESD working environment: a focus on the human being. As the most ergonomic and most comfortable ESD chair available, Neon forms a bridge between uncompromising technical demands and enjoyment in sitting. The workplace is an indicator of the value a company places on its employees. A chair that focuses on the needs of people helps to orientate and motivate, it raises the quality and productivity of work. ESD workplaces are always to be found in high-tech companies. This contemporary aspect is also reflected in Neon’s design. For the first time with the ESD Neon, a chair is at last available that is really in tune with the work that is carried out on it. ESD Neon is the new generation workplace chair for the new generation of work.

Design & Materials
All the plastic and metal parts in ESD Neon are black. The reason for this is because they are conductive, as is every component in the Neon. Plastic too is coated with carbon particles to make it conductive. The most striking feature of ESD Neon is its flex strip. It is made of soft plastic and protects the chair and its environment. There is a choice of three colours for the flex strip. The chair itself consists of solid steel with an aluminium base. Neon is available with a choice of castors with load-sensitive brakes for hard floors, or with abrasion-resistant glides. In addition, for the high version optional Stop & Go castors are available. All glides and castors are volume conductive.

The ESD Neon always comprises two basic elements: The chair itself and the upholstery set. This innovative 1+1 system allows the ESD Neon's upholstery to be tailored to the working environment in which it is to be used with just one click (please note: The chair cannot be used without the upholstery element). In spite of the tough technical demands that an environment subject to ESD places on the material properties, the ESD Neon is available with a choice of four different upholstery variants: Hard-wearing, comfortable Supertec ESD upholstery, integral upholstery, which is also able to withstand extreme mechanical stresses, easy-care imitation leather, which is soft and can be wiped clean, and durable, breathable fabric upholstery.

The Characteristics Of The AES ESD Protection System
* Conductive high-comfort upholstery (choice of fabric, Synthetic Leather ESD, Integral Foam ESD or Supertec ESD)
* The discharge system encompassing the whole component ensures reliable discharge
* Five volume conductive castors / glides
* Volume conductive plastics
* Steel components with conductive coating

Adjust The Chair, Not The Person
Production work makes huge demands on the workplace: people may be using a great deal of energy, they may be precision-working, or making repetitive movements. A workplace chair should not force the user to sit in a constrained position. It must suit its environment perfectly, must be adapted to the work involved, and above all must be adjustable to every person sitting on it. The human body is the measure. A workplace chair must be an equally good fit for anyone and everyone – men and women, small people and large, heavy and light, and young and old - which is why it is essential to have a sufficiently wide range of settings and adjustments.

Choice Of Two Mechanisms For Active-Dynamic Sitting

The Permanent Contact Backrest
Follows the movements of the upper body, and ensures that the back always remains fully supported. The permanent contact backrest is ideal for people who have to lean forward for long periods of time, with only a small distance between eyes and workpiece (e. g. working in precision engineering or in the laboratory).

Synchronous Technology
Provides an active-dynamic sitting experience with weight regulation. The seat and backrest accompany the body as it moves. This gives the user a feeling that can best be described as " weightless floating ". The synchronous technology comes into its own where users are working at office- type working situations, working at a screen, or constantly changing their sitting position.

Important Functions For Adjustment To Individual Body Size

Seat Height Adjustment
Seat height adjustment allows adjustment to body size and height of workplace. The ideal seat height is when the knees, hips and elbows form an angle of at least 90 ° , with the feet resting flat on the floor.

Seat Tilt Adjustment
Many jobs are carried out in slightly raised positions, and require people to bend forward. A correspondingly tilted seat provides a seat angle of at least 90 ° , while at the same time providing contact with the backrest.

Seat Depth Adjustment
The seat depth adjustment matches the depth of the seat to the size of the body, giving the best possible contact surface for the thighs. Contact with the backrest, and therefore the support it provides, are maintained.

Backrest Height Adjustment
The backrest height adjustment ensures that a person is ideally supported – especially in the lumbar region – no matter how tall he / she is.

Weight Regulation
By individually adjusting the pressure of the backrest, both light and heavy people can sit with the correct posture.

Armrests have the important function of reducing the strain on the upper body and arms. The height, breadth and depth of our 4D armrests can be adjusted, and can also be swivelled.

Foot Support & Mounting Aid
The mounting aid is height-adjustable, and can be folded upwards by 90 °
Duotec ESD
Our Duotec cover fabric, which is 95 % polyacrylic and 5 % Lycra, is particularly soft, hard-wearing and breathable. A conductive ESD version of the Duotec Fabric ESD is also available. This version has additional metal fibres woven into it.

Magic Synthetic Leather ESD
Magic is a great-feeling modern Synthetic Leather ESD with a fine structure. By looking at it, it is difficult to tell the difference between genuine leather and Magic. This Synthetic Leather ESD is extremely soft and comfortable. But in spite of that it is extremely hard-wearing. Magic is especially low-maintenance. It is washable, and resistant to oil and disinfectants. A black conductive ESD version (with carbon pigments) is also available for use in ESD areas.

Supertec ESD
“Supertec ESD“ is an innovative cover material like no other upholstery surface. Supertec ESD consists of a textile substrate covered with micro-studs. So Supertec ESD combines the advantages of fabric and Integral Foam ESD. Supertec ESD is soft, comfortable and breathable. At the same time, it is very tough, cut resistant, non slip and easy to clean. Supertec ESD is a world first among cover materials, and Bimos is the first manufacturer to use this material in workplace chairs.

Integral Foam ESD
Integral Foam ESD is a good option for environments where the chair is likely to come into contact with aggressive substances such as oil, grease, swarf, mild acids and alkalis, moisture or flying sparks. The surface is highly resistant, extremely robust, washable and very easy to clean. Another plus point is the material’s durability in that it can withstand pointed and sharp-edged objects. Thanks to its structured surface, Integral Foam ESD has good climatic properties. A high level of comfort is guaranteed. Integral Foam ESD – often known as PU or polyurethane foam – is extremely tough and easy to clean. Like our SoftTouch PU foam, Integral Foam ESD is extraordinarily soft. A black conductive ESD version is also available for use in ESD areas
Reliable electrostatic discharge protection for electronic workstations ESD (Electro Static Discharge) refers to the electrostatic discharge of charged objects or people. Electrostatic discharge can result in damage to microelectronics components. This is because of the minute scale involved which means that the energy from a static discharge has the same impact on a semiconductor as a lightning strike would on a tree. ESD chairs play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring reliable ESD protective measures for electronic workstations. ESD protection is regulated by European standard EN 61340, which is designed to help users select appropriate protective measures. It stipulates the following in respect of workplace chairs: “The resistance to the point of contact with the floor of any parts of the seat that could come into contact with the user’s body during standard use must be <109 Ω.“ (Extract from standard EN 61340-5-1)

All-Round Safety: The Unique AES ESD Protection Features
* Conductive high-comfort upholstery
* Volume conductive plastics
* Steel components with conductive coating
* 5 volume conductive castor / glides
* Fixed and defined discharge resistance

Consistently Exceeding The Standard
AES ESD chairs meet the requirements of standard EN 61340-5-1 as far as their use in EPAs (ESD Protected Areas) is concerned. However, the demands that actually apply in practice are often more stringent even than this. This is because the increasing miniaturisation of electronics components is making them more susceptible to the problem of electrostatic discharge. The most effective way of dealing with this issue is either to prevent charges from occurring in the first place or to ensure that any undesirable charges are safely discharged. Thanks to the optimum choice of materials and connection technology used, AES chairs reliably prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. In addition, the chairs are designed to direct any charges that the user may be carrying safely down to the conductive base as soon as he or she sits down. Thus, AES ESD chairs offer a fully integrated system of protection.
Chair Category
Antistatic ESD Chairs Ergonomic
Chair Type
ESD Chair Ergonomic
Seat System
Permanent Contact
Frame Execution
ESD Black Aluminium
Seat Upholstery
Duotec Fabric ESD
Colour Seat Upholstery
Seat Dimensions
470 x 480 mm
Seat Depth Adjustment Range
420 - 480 mm
Seat Height Adjustment Range
450 - 620 mm
Back Height Adjustment Range
570 mm
Backrest Size
Armrest Type
Multifunction Armrests ESD
Footrest Type
No Footrests
Castors / Glides
Soft Castors ESD
1190 x 470 x 480 mm
21 Kg
AES - ESD Neon Chair Brochure
10.74 MB

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable.
However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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