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ESD Training AES
ESD Training AES

ESD Training AES

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Visitors and employees must be made aware of your local ESD handling procedures. Personnel need to be trained to employ effectively the materials, equipment and procedures provided in accordance with this technical report and to understand why electrostatic precautions are needed in order to have an effective ESD secured safety process. AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions is an ESD total project designer, operates worldwide, to set up and give you the right ESD-tools, We share our ESD knowledge with our customers and provide practical, interactive ESD-Trainings and courses corresponding to the ESD standard IEC61340.

General requirement User guide and Technical Report International Standard: IEC 61340-5-1/5-2 Electrostatics –  Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena

AES ESD trainings & ESD courses includes:   


  • History of ESD
  • Recognition of ESD    
  • Theory of electrostatic charging
  • Acceptance of ESD
  • Methods to prevent damage by ESD
  • What is ESD and terms
  • ESDS sensitivity
  • The Basics of the Triboelectric Charge      
  • Basic knowledge of electrostatic discharge
  • Identification of sensitive devices (ESDS)
  • The limits of ESD protection measures
  • What are charges
  • What are discharges
  • ESD damage
  • ESD damage models
  • How do we prevent damage by ESD
  • ESD action plan or approach
  • Knowledge of ESD protective equipment and items
  • Special handling procedures
  • ESD internal pre-audit checklist          
  • Awareness of the 61340-5-1 Technical Report
  • Use of new techniques & processes before implementation
  • Any conflicts with safety requirements
  • High voltage precautions, if required
  • Control exam from ESD Awareness Training

AES - ESD Training Certificate

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable.
However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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