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Modern electronics related industries are obliged to manage an "ESD program" as an integral but logical part of a complete quality program.
In fact, those who do not have an active ESD program endanger themselves and their customers.

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions is your partner in this process to implement the right procedures in and for your company.

The international ESD standards IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI S2020 status: ESD training is essential and must be part of employee introduction courses.
Relevant ESD structured trainings or courses are provided to all staff that ESDS issues, make, designs, marks or processes, including those who manage and supervise them.

Special attention should be paid to the training of staff required to do field work.
Subcontractors, cleaners and temporary staff must be properly informed and receive appropriate ESD training before starting their activities.

Visitors should be informed of your local ESD handling procedures.
Personnel must be trained to use the materials, equipment and procedures in accordance with this technical report effectively and to understand why electrostatic precautions are required to assure an effective ESD-secured safety process.

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Implementing an ESD policy is more than purchasing ESD safe products. Through our years of exper...

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