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ESD Polo-Shirt AQGO Style Royal Blue Unisex XS Antistatic Clothing ESD Garment

ESD Polo-Shirt AQGO | Long Sleeve | APS21 Fabric: Royal Blue | Unisex: XS

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ESD AQGO Polo-Shirt belongs to the AES SUMMER collection, which is used in summer or in warm manufacturing environments for ESD clothing. With short sleeve, round neck, no pocket. Round neck. Available sizes: unisex XS - 5XL. Without any pocket. ESD symbol on sleeve. APS21 Fabric: Royal Blue - Polyester 47%, Cotton 50%, Carbon 3%. Wide ESD fabrics and colors available. IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI S20.20-2014 ESD certified products.

Available models

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Garment Category
ESD Polo-Shirts
Garment Type
ESD Polo-Shirt: Long Sleeve
Garment Fabric
Fabric: Polyester 47%, Cotton 50%, Carbon 3%
Garment Size
Garment Colour
Royal Blue

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
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