ESD Office Chair AES 2.4 | A-Mechanism | Extra High & Extra Thick Backrest | ESD Fabric Black | Soft | 24/7 chairs | 24 hours chairs

ESD Office Chair AES 2.4 Extra High Back Extra Thick Backrest Chair Black Fabric ESD Soft Castors BMA Axia 2.4 Office Chairs Flokk - 530-2.4-ON-3AZ-AP-GLOBAL-ESD-BLA

ESD Office Chair AES 2.4 | A-Mechanism | Extra High & Extra Thick Backrest | ESD Fabric Black | Soft Castors

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A-Mechanism Settings:

* Seat Height
* Seat Depth
* Seat Angle
* Dynamic Sitting
* Back Height
* Back Angle

* Effective support of the lower back.
* Modular construction so it can be adapted to the height and weight of the user.
* Especially suitable for smaller people.
* Can be optionally fitted with a lightweight mechanism (for users <45 kg) and a lowered gas spring.

The AES 2.4 Chair ESD is equipped with the following parts:

* Extra high back 54 cm, extra thick and extra thick seat cushion in upholstered Global ESD fabric
* ESD connections
* ESD aluminum polished black
* Multi armrests
* Star base Ø 67 cm
* Gas lift with seat height 40 - 55 cm
* ESD swivel castors for a hard floor

Good posture of the pelvis will prevent a curved back (and thus static muscle load). It’s therefore essential that the seat back and the seat move synchronously so that the lower back is well supported. AES has applied this synchro principle in an improved form. AES ESD-Chairs are characterised by bracing: the back rest and seat move together at a fixed angle, ensuring proper pelvic support thanks to the interaction between the support points in the back rest and seat.

Thanks to the unique seat, the AES-Chair ESD naturally moves together with the user as they lean forward or backward. Since the front part of the seat is fixed, only the rear section of the chair moves together with the user. The result: optimal and comfortable support when seated passively, but with the proper activation of back and stomach muscles when sitting actively. Because the front of the chair does not rise when sitting dynamically, your sitting height remains at a responsible level, your feet retain contact with the floor and no extra pressure is exerted on your thighs.

Preventing neck and shoulder problems. One unique feature of the ESD armrests is the adjustable pads and the fact that they do not move when the chair is tilted. This ensures optimal support to the lower arms in any position and means they do not get pinched between the armrests and the desktop.

The operation of AES Office Chairs ESD is simple, practical and intuitive. The AES-Chair ESD can be infinitely adjusted in many different ways. All controls are located wherever they are expected. For functions that need to be changed during work, one can find the controls both left and right. Settings that the user often only needs once are centrally controlled. The AES-Chair ESD has a weight setting. This allows the chair to be quickly and effortlessly adjusted with exactly the right counter-pressure so that the chair flawlessly follows the user when sitting actively.


Axia 2.4
Chair Category
Antistatic ESD Chairs Comfort
Chair Type
ESD Chair Office
Seat System
Weight Controlled
Frame Execution
ESD Polished Aluminum
Seat Upholstery
Conductive Fabric
Colour Seat Upholstery
Seat Dimensions
470 x 490 x 70 mm
Seat Depth Adjustment Range
380 - 480 mm
Seat Height Adjustment Range
400 - 550 mm
Back Height Adjustment Range
170 - 230 mm
Backrest Size
Extra High
Armrest Type
Multi Armrests ESD Aluminium Polished Black
Footrest Type
No Footrests
Castors / Glides
Soft Castors ESD
19 kg
ESD Chairs Axia Catalog AES 2019

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable.
However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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