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Anti Static ESD adjustable in height workbenches ESD workstations

ESD Pre-Audits performed by AES are a complete screening of your ESD safe workspace
based on the guidelines in the ESD standards IEC 61340-5-1 / 5-2.

These detailed ESD Audit reports are an accurate finger on the pulse and give you a clear understanding
of your ESD Protected Area (Conformities, weaknesses, shortcomings, Mayors and Minors).

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions assists you and carries out ESD workspace assessment of your EPA (ESD Protected Area)
Protected zone that is an important component as internal quality control and must comply with ESD audits.

* Ensure that your EPA - ESD Protected Area is ESD safe
and complies with the guidelines set out in the
international ESD standardization IEC61340.

* Set up the right ESD guidelines for performing internal
quality ESD audits, make sure that your ESD products
are ESD-safe, perform them correctly, inform your
employees and suppliers, be consistent and make no

* AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions provides you with detailed
Pre-audit reports so that you have a clear overview
of the situation of your ESD working environment.

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