ESD Surface Resistance Meter - All-In One ESD Resistance Meter Kit - control measurement semiconductor ESD floors

ESD Resistance Meter Kit ESD Test and Measurement Equipment 473.AIJGO.61

ESD Surface Resistance Meter Kit All-In One - control measurement semiconductor ESD floors

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ESD SURFACE RESISTANCE METER - control measurement semiconductor ESD floors

The surface resistance meter AES AIJGO-61 is measuring both temperature and humidity which imakes it suitable for performing ESD measurements according to the ESD standards 61340. The results are shown on a LCD display in numerical way.

AES AIJGO-61 is an "All in One" surface resistance meter because the resistance range is 0 Ohm – 1 TOhm, so it is possible use for a usual resistance meter and ESD resistance meter at the same time. ESD resistance measuring in one step! At the same time the environmental temperature and humidity data are storage to the resistance results! This resistance meter can storage the measuring results. The results are possible to analyse on a PC.

Tester Category
ESD Test Equipment
Tester Type
ESD Resistance Meter
Test Voltage
10V, 100V, 500V Temperature & Humidity Measuring
Resistance Range
0 Ohm - 1 Tohm
0 >>109Ω ± 10%; 109 >> 1012Ω ± 20%
2 darab szabványos 2,25 ±0,25 Kg
Data Output
Graphic 128 x 64 pixel; LED Backlight
4 pcs 1,5 V AA accumulator
12-14 hours
93 x 185 x 35 mm
7 Kg
AES ESD Access Control Catalog Equipment 2018
2.33 MB
AES ESD Access Control Catalog User Guide 2018
1.81 MB
AES ESD Access Control Entrance System LIGHT BAR COMPLEX ESD
10.85 MB
AES ESD Access Control Entrance System Test Procedure
3.68 MB

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