Antistatic ESD Vacuum Cleaner | ESD Maintenance

Antistatic ESD Vacuum Cleaner  ESD Maintenance Portable Industrial ESD vacuum cleaner BlowVacs ESD Safe EPA compliant  

Both our Industrial ESD-vacuum-cleaner as well as the portable ESD vacuum cleaners are compact, dual function units that are completely ESD Safe.
They are designed for precise removal and collection of dry dust particles and debris from equipment that is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The permanent dissipative and ground able hard crevice nozzle or soft rubber nozzle will drain off any static charge build up,
through the ESD Safe stretch hose that has a path to ground through a grounded power outlet.

In seconds the ESD-safe-BlowVacs can be converted into a powerful blower for dust removal in areas otherwise not accessible.
You simply need to attach the optional two part blow assembly attachment.

All ESD-vacuum-cleaners are fully EPA compliant with the standard IEC 61340-5-1/5-2

Cleaning products that contribute to an accurate ESD Safe Cleaning are ESD floor detergents

HS Code : 8508 1100
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HS Code : 8508 1100
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HS Code : 8508 1100
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HS Code : 8508 1100
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