Anti-Static ESD Shoes | Electric Static Dissipative Footwear

ESD shoes, have an electrostatically dissipative conductive shoe sole, popularly known as antistatic shoes (which is not the same, incorrectly).
Safety Shoes are classed as ESD safe shoes when the resistance value of the system person-shoe-floor is below 3,5 x 10^7 resp. 35 MOhm according to EN 61340-5-1.  

Through the conductive sole of the ESD safe shoes, static charges can be derived, only in combination with an ESD conductive floor,
to ground and is prevented in this way, ESD damages to electrostatically sensitive components.

We make a conscious distinction between ESD men shoes and ESD women shoes.
Additionally, we have several categories such as there are Antistatic ESD Manager women's shoes,
ESD women's Shoes, Antistatic ESD women's Sandals, ESD women's Clogs, Antistatic ESD women's Boots, ESD women's Ankle boots,
Antistatic ESD women's Ankle shoes, ESD women's PU-Boots, Antistatic ESD Manager men shoes,

ESD men shoes casual, Antistatic ESD men Sandals, ESD men Clogs, Antistatic ESD men Boots,
ESD men Ankle boots, Antistatic ESD men Ankle shoes, ESD men PU-Boots.


INTERNATIONAL STANDARD-ESD IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1.0 2007-08  INTERNATIONAL STANDARD-ESD IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1.0 2007-08

IEC 61340-4-3, Electrostatics Part 4-3: Standard test methods for specific applications: Footwear

IEC 61340-4-5, Electrostatics Part 4-5: Standard test methods for specific applications:
Methods for characterizing the electrostatic protection of footwear and flooring in combination with a person.

5.3.2 Personnel grounding

For standing operations, personnel can be grounded via a wrist strap system or by a flooringfootwear system.
When a flooring-footwear system is used, either of the two following conditions shall be met:
- the total resistance of the system (from the person, through the footwear and flooring to equipment ground) shall be less than 3,5 × 107.
- the maximum body voltage generation shall be less than 100 V and the total resistance of the system shall be less than 1 x109 .

ESD footweare according 61340-5-1 © IEC-2007 Personnel grounding requirements

A.2 Measurement procedure for ESD-footwear testing 

The operator shall stand with one foot on the conductive footwear electrode.
The hand contact plate shall be pressed to verify that the person/footwear system resistance is within acceptable parameters (see Figure A.2).
The test shall be repeated for the other foot.
The test apparatus can be an integrated, commercially available tester or other instrumentation that is capable of measuring resistance from 5,0x10^4 Ω to at least 1,0x10^8 Ω.
The tester open-circuit voltage is typically between 9 V d.c.and 100 V d.c.

Measurement procedure for ESD-footwear testing

Categories ESD Occupational Shoes:

ESD Ankle Shoes           (Male)    (Female)

 ESD Boots                       (Male)    (Female)

ESD Business Pumps     (Male)    (Female)

  ESD Business Shoes        (Male)    (Female)

 ESD Casual Shoes          (Male)    (Female)

ESD Clogs                      (Male)    (Female)

ESD Loafer Shoes          (Male)    (Female)

 ESD Sandals                   (Male)    (Female)

Categories ESD Safety Shoes:

ESD S1      Safety Shoes       (Male)    (Female)

ESD S2      Safety Shoes       (Male)    (Female)

ESD S3      Safety Shoes       (Male)    (Female)

ESD shoes are not suitable for electricians respectively
when working on sources with electric voltage.


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138-3905-CA-MES-S1P-ACT 151 ESD-35-W
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138-3912-CA-MES-S1P-ACT 152 ESD-35-W
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