Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat with Holes & 5 cm Yellow Bevel | Hygiene | Grey | 60 x 120 cm

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat with Holes & 5 cm Yellow Bevel | Hygiene | Grey | 60 x 120 cm

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat with Holes & 5 cm Yellow Bevel | Hygiene | Grey | 60 x 120 cm

HS Code : 39189000

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The AES Hygiene Food & Medical floor mat has a broad chemical and pH resistance profile making it perfect for use in areas requiring frequent and/or caustic sanitation like medical and food processing applications. In addition, the Hygiene is available in 4 colors making it ideal for color coding zones to eliminate cross-contamination hazards. In situations with excessive fluid volume, or the need to promote air flow, Hygiene can be die-cut to accommodate these requirements. USDA Certified, Light Weight and Easy to clean has made this mat a favorite amongst medical professionals as well as in the food industry.

Unmatched Safety Features
* Molded beveled edges
* They will never curl up, eliminating tripping hazards
* Any size, any shape mat, always in one piece
* No overlapping or worn-out connecting mats, also eliminating tripping hazards

Highest Quality
* Virgin raw material only
* Unbeaten durability and ergonomic relief
* Not only anti-fatique, but also true ergonomic benefits
* Unique ergonomic designs, eliminating and preventing common problems encountered in standing environments stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness that will reduce sick leave, workers’€™ compensation and quality issues.
* Solid mat throughout; no hollow bubbles that collapse

The Hygiene Advantage
* Can be autoclaved (2’x3’ only) at 100°C for up to 5 minutes
* Frequent washes will not affect the state of the mat; no curling up, swelling or expanding
* No loss of the ergonomic properties and no tripping hazard
* Meets USDA / CFIA standards
* Silicone & latex-free
* Choice of 4 colors (Green, Grey, Blue & Red)
* Cross-contamination risks are prevented
* Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (100)
Floor Category
Antistatic ESD Anti Fatigue Mats
Floor Type
Bubble Mat with Holes & 5 cm Yellow Bevel
Compound Material
EPDM Rubber
Electrical Resistance Surface
>1 x 1010 W
11 mm
600 x 1200 mm
4.66 Kg

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
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