Medic-Air Exit Filter HEPA for ESD Portable Vacuum Cleaner Type 555

Medical exit air filter HEPA not ESD safe for portable ESD vacuum cleaner type 555 antistatic ESD blow-vac accessories. Muntz ESD Products M5-PH-705.

Medic-Air Exit Filter HEPA for ESD Portable Vacuum Cleaner Type 555

HS Code : 8508 7000

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Medical Exit Air Filter HEPA (NOT ESD SAFE) for ESD Portable Vacuum Cleaner Type 555. Electronic BlowVac use at modest low powersetting only! Antistatic ESD Vacuum Cleaner Accessories.

Filter Guide (No Liqquides)

Meltblow = high level filtration with little effect suction power and airflow.

Ideal humidity controlled Cleanroom use as allows pick-up moist air and dust.

Activated carbon = Neutralising moist smells and ordors.  Arrests moist from air.

HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air: 99,97% retention on 0,3µ particles

ULPA = Ultra low Penetration Air:  99,999% retention on 0,12µ particles.

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