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ESD Specialized Hand Tools for handling specific Electronics & Devices

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions bvba cooperates with manufacturers with a long tradition offering a more or less complete range of high grade ESD hand tools. 
ESD pliers and ESD screwdrivers are equipped with dissipative handles.
ESD tweezers and ESD clamping vices are covered by a high grade dissipative surface, burnt in by 200° degrees. 
All ESD tools correspond to ESD standard IEC 61340-5-1. 
Accordingly the surface resistance of Bernstein ESD tools moves within the ideal area between 10^6 and 10^9 Ohm. 
This resistance sector guarantees a “weak discharge“ in a specified time for assembly and human and prevents any damages at sensitive compoments.
These tools may not be used in case of existing tension. For those applications AES offers a range of isolated tools according to VDE-rules. 

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