LED Lamp 1500 mm Reeco Renex

1500mm LED lamp Anti Static EGB/ESD Workstation Reeco Renex ESDproducts BASS-EGB / ESD Schutz

LED Lamp 1500 mm

HS Code : 9403109800

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LED lighting AES ESD Workstations: Quality of the workplace lighting has a significant impact on the performance of the operator. It contributes to error risk redution by 50-60% and leads to efficiency increase up to 10-50%. Used lamps through the use of LEDs are characterized by low energy consumption and longer life span. Ergonomic LED lighting has been designed in accordance with European EN12464-1 standard. The light emitted does not cause eyestrain and glares. 1500 and 1800 LED lamps consist of two zones that can be lit independently creating either shadow free or 3D effect.

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