ESD Sorting tray Cabinets 1224-02 ESD - 1200 series with 24 drawers - AntiStatic ESD Storage & warehousing

Anti Static ESD Storage managment Systems - ESD Sorting tray Cabinets- Raaco - AntiStatic ESD Storage & warehousing

ESD Sorting tray Cabinets with 24 drawers

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ESD Storage Cabinet - Small Parts Storage Cabinet.
ESD Cabinets ESD 1200 series with 24 drawers included.
ESD Sorting tray.

ESD Sorting tray Cabinet 1224-02 ESD with 24 drawers, type 150-02. Each drawer can be divided into 3 compartments. Earth wire included. 1224-02 ESD.

ESD - Anti-static storage     

AES ESD solutions provide effective anti-static protection for sensitive equipment. You can use ESD solutions to store products, spare parts, tools and much more – indeed, anything that contains electronic components.

The range includes a complete line of boxes, storage bins, tool boxes and cabinets that you can combine in all kinds of ways to achieve ideal solutions.

All of the solutions are made from a special plastic with carbon fibre, which gives them permanent anti-static qualities. This means the protection will not diminish, either with time or through intensive use.

AES ESD solutions comply with both the EN 61340-5-1 standard and all other international requirements.

Outer Dimensions L x W x H
150 x 306 x 552 mm
Inner Dimensions L x W x H
132 x 85 x 57 mm
0.0365 m3
Carr. Load (kilograms)
26.4 Kg
Carr. Load (liters)
15.6 Ltrs
5.01 Kg
Antistatic ESD Storage & Warehousing
0.91 MB

All ESD products fulfill the IEC 61340 standards.
We believe all the information in these pages including technical data to be reliable.
However we make no warranties expressed or implied and assume no liability regarding any use of this information.

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