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Anti static ESD floor paint: The two ESD-Paints E30 & A40 we offer are a range of Water Based ESD Floor Coatings.

  • Electroguard A40® is a water based 1 Component Acrylic Static Dissipative paint suitable for most requirements.
  • Electroguard E30® is a water based 2 Components Polyurethane Static Dissipative Paint which offers greater durability for high traffic areas.

About ESD coatings or ESD flooring paints (Anti static paint) we can read the following in the international standard IEC/TR 61340-5-2 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena – User guide.

  • 4 ESD control program plan.
  • 4.7.3 Static protective floor materials.
  • ESD-safe-Paints and coatings

ESD Paints (Anti static paint) and epoxy coatings are applied to concrete floors in thin coats. The primary advantages of these materials are their ease of application and coverage over a wide area. They have a longer usable life than do floor finishes, but less than permanent ESD-floor materials.  Some materials are not applicable for clean rooms because they abrade or chip away.

  • Testing

The standard for testing the electrical resistance of ESD floor materials is IEC 61340-4-1. The test method is designed to operate in the range of 1,0 x 10^3 to 1,0 x 10^10. IEC 61340-5-1 requires that the maximum test voltage used for flooring systems used as part of an ESD control program shall not exceed 100 V.

HS Code : 32099000

This Acrylic Static Dissipative (Conductive) paint Electroguard A40® is water based paint.

  • Paint TypeElectroguard A40®
HS Code : 32099000

Electroguard E30® is a water based Polyurethane Static Dissipative Paint.
Electroguard E30® pain...

  • Paint TypeElectroguard E30®
HS Code : 32099000

Single Part Primer paint. To be used together with the paint A40 . ...

HS Code : 32099000

Two Part Primer paint . To be used together with the paint E30. ...

HS Code : 85352900

Bonding point for AntiStatic ESD Floor Coatings

HS Code : 39191099

Copper Tape Earthing CTE / 850-CTE / ESDproducts. (1m. per 100 m² !!!) "Free of charge when...

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