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ESD Guidelines:

Setting up an ESD Protected Area conform with AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions IEC61340

Not having an active ESD control program puts everyone at risk!
e.g.: your operators & administrators, management & customers etc.
Setting up and managing ESD control program must be
an essential & integral part of your complete quality program.



is a “Total Project ESD Designer”:

Sharing knowledge as a ESD-consultant
Educate and lecture through interactive ESD-training and ESD-courses
Conducting ESD-pre-audits
Carrying out ESD-monitoring measurements
Develop Ergonomic ESD-workplace designs
Setting up and offering the appropriate ESD-safe-products
ESD-information and ESD tools to implement an “ESD-SAFE” environment

Improperly used ESD-products will cause damage to both material and human. 
Antistatic-ESD-Solutions distinguishes itself through the knowledge to control static electricity.

Make use of our ESD-knowledge as overall ESD project designer & ESD project organizer.

Read our Guidelines how to set up an ESD Protected Area...

Stop facing problems with static electricity, stop suffering from electrostatic discharges,
start to Eliminate and Avoid Static Electricity Shocks.
ESDproducts is offering a wide range of ESD safe antistatic products.

This ESD Web Shop offers appropriate ESDproducts: 


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